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Attitude is the true expression of the will, making ourselves known to the world. Self transcendence is how change our attitude.When we are unhappy then there really is no way to hide it. We might paint on a smile and be as polite as possible but our attitude can’t help but express our true feelings. We carry our emotional state around with us until we process it. Dealing with life can be difficult, especially when we can’t seem to figure out why we feel the way we do. Being confused by our own melancholy is a common problem. One that most often goes ignored, because we can’t figure out what to do about it. This is actually the root of the problem, the fact that we are not honestly expressing ourselves.

We hide our true feelings for many reasons, most likely because it is not socially acceptable. Sometimes we just don’t have anyone willing to take the time to listen or we have no one we trust enough to open up to. Whatever the reason we bottle up all the things we feel but can’t say. This builds up overtime resulting in stress and tension that we can’t really figure out because it is a giant heap of all sorts of things built up over time.

There are many things we can do to self heal. One is to write out what we have to say, this doesn’t have to be a diary entry just an emotional unloading onto a page, delete it when your done if you like just getting it out feels good. pouring our heart out without having to rely on someone to listen, who might not respond in a way that is helpful anyway. No one ever has to see our rambling of emotional out pours, we can burn or hit the delete button when we are done. Writing out how we feel can sometimes make our situation clear and give us the new perspective we were looking for. Don’t make it fancy, just let it out and you’ll be surprised at how helpful a tool it can be.

Another tool is mediation. It helps to mediate in nature or beautiful surroundings. Another method, my favorite, is to have fun doing something that you love. It can be hard to part with a little extra splurge on yourself or to give ourselves the time but having fun is the greatest therapy. When we give ourselves the chance to do something we have always wanted to do or just do something that we love, we often feel a great relief ending the day with” I really needed that “. All of these methods are really a small version of what is really needed which is a change of attitude. While there are quick fixes to our inability to fully embrace life and get to know ourselves, there is only one way to really let go.

Changing your attitude and changing your state are really the same things. In spiritual terms we change our state from contracted to transcending. In daily life it is changing our attitude from self possessed (thinking about our state of worry or boredom) to self awareness which is being in flow with life around us. It is really the same action only when we do it in order to transcend life it becomes a regular discipline not just a tool to cheer us up. When we are depressed or in a sad state we look for ways to cheer up. The problem is that we need to develop healthy conscious habits so that we don’t get bogged down at all. Certainly life will still have challenges to face but they will be real circumstances. When we are sad for no reason at all that is the result of not having a healthy outlet for our daily frustrations. The mind left alone and fed nothing but garbage becomes sluggish.

What is required to move beyond sorrow of all forms is a conscious change of action. When our attitude is negative we have to recognize that fact and then choose to change our state so that we spend our time wisely The more time we spend considering what is real, true and important to us the more energy we focus on those things. If we never take the time to contemplate our life then we wind up not really living one but running around without a sense of purpose. Everyday we make decisions and if we never think about those decisions but just follow the usual patterns because they are familiar then life will never change. When we travel a spiritual path  letting go takes us deeper and deeper into the real process of self transcendence.

Real self transcendence is not the avoidance of our sorrow or anxiety it is the realization of it.  The more we see how our actions are self limiting the more we want to change our actions to reflect our understanding. Eventually we see that what we call a negative attitude was not negative at all. Emotions and stress arise within our state so that we can move beyond them. When seen by this perspective one could even say that they are positive. They might not feel so good at the time, but it is far better to have them arise so that we can transcend them, rather then letting them built up inside. This is why people turn within and gravitate towards practices that will serve forms of purification so that they may free their state of this “stuff”. The trick is not in how to sort this “stuff” out but in realizing that none of it was real to begin with.

One of the difficulties in transcending our emotional baggage is that we try to reason our way through it. We don’t know where it comes from but we certainly spend a great deal of our precious time trying to figure it out. The problem is no amount of rationalizations are ever going to get rid of all this “stuff” we have accumulated.  We didn’t consciously choose to hold onto it and we don’t know where it comes from. If we didn’t create it and we don’t know what it is why try to figure it out? There is nothing we need to do in order to transcend our internal stress other then to let it go. If we stop mulling over it, we can change our state immediately. It is a matter of changing our action, not by thinking about it but by living without the imaginary problem to begin with.

When we sit around thinking about our problems that means it is not a real problem otherwise we would be focused on getting our mind off it. Real problems have real solutions but we often ignore real problems altogether. It’s not just you everybody does it. Who wants to deal with problems, certainly doesn’t sound like much fun, The result of avoiding real problems is that our life goes down the crapper. Things fall apart, we end up unhappy, total disaster all because we didn’t want to deal with real problems. The little problems that have no baring on reality however, we think about those all the times. Memories are a big one, what do our memories have to do with reality, absolutely nothing unless we make them by bringing them up all the time. The reason those wounds don’t heal is because we keep bringing them out for a revival. We think about little issues and little circumstances and figure out how it made us feel which is all just playing around with drama. The hardest thing to do when we mulling over sorrow is admitting that there is no real reason to do so. If we admit to ourselves that this thing we are focused on feeling isn’t actually real or necessary then we would just let it go and get on to dealing with life.

The mind is so powerful that we can make anything real. It is our responsibility to choose what we deal with and how. Life will always have challenges and many things will arise that we don’t understand but there is no reason to mediate on it! We can choose to use our minds consciously choosing how we spend our time. If we spend our time learning, growing and living as full a life as we can then obviously life will be full of changing possibilities, an adventure. If we live everyday without learning, growing or trying new things then nothing will ever change. Life responds to our attitude. A healthy attitude about life only comes when we are honest with ourselves. When we reflect on how we are spending our precious time then we can choose to spend it wisely.