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  The greatest challenge we face is accepting ourselves for who we are. We always image something better down the road, or a mountain to climb before we will allow ourselves to be happy.There is absolutely nothing that needs to be done in order for us to be happy.There is nothing we could ever attain that is going to make us happy. We have the power to change our state in every moment. We have the power to understand who we are, what stands in our way is the illusion of fear. All the things in life that we are confronted with becomes our choice of how to react to them. Life will never be easy it is always going to have challenges that’s the point of life. How we deal with those challenges is what defines who we are. The below quote is a beautiful description of the process of self unfolding;

 Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us”.


  What we fear is our capacity for greatness or ability to conquer the obstacles in our own lives. Procrastination is the fear of greatness. The potential is there but the will is lacking, why? It makes no sense other then we are afraid to be more than our current thought process. We are limited by our own conditioned level of thoughts which basically keep us maintaining the same old program.

  The reason we fear our own power is because it is unfamiliar to us. It is easier to keep someone down then it is to help them up. It is easier to keep ourselves down then it is to stand up. That is what makes it so special when we lend a hand or find the bravery to stand up for ourselves. There is also the fear of falling that keeps us in our comfort zone. We know how to do whatever it is we are already doing. To do something new involves taking a chance and although the reward may be great, the chance of defeat overshadows the possibility of flight. This is the same reason we are afraid to help others, because we fear the change that will result. We fear helping someone up because we fear the chance they might push us down. Betrayal and disappointment prevents us from giving love and loving life.

  When we fall in love we have to get over the defensiveness of protecting our heart so we can enjoy what love has to offer. When we learn to love life we have to get over being defensive so we can enjoy what life has to offer. Fear holds us back from being capable of living the life we love and that fear is imaginary. The darkness we imagine is actually the light we long to find.

  The regrets of life are born from insecurity. All the things we are afraid to do and if we give ourselves the chance to do them, we realize that our fears were unnecessary. We wish we would have never held back and had started living much sooner. Greatness is not the result of anything other then the relinquishing of our fears. When we shed the fear that holds us back the natural light rises as effortlessly and magically as the sun.