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Who am I?

I published my first book, Relationship of One in 2010. Certainly a nerve racking experience it took me several years to write it. I loved receiving reviews and they encouraged me to publish my second book, Creative Power in 2012. Again meeting customers at fairs was the best part of the whole process. I adore writing and have even started an adventure into fiction. I began writing poetry when I was thirteen years old and it’s still my favorite to this day. Recently I have been making poetry videos and plan to add audio versions of my poems in the near future.

Painting began for me when I started having visions while meditating. The visions were so inspiring I had to try and paint them. This is an on-going struggle to capture even a glimmer of the beauty of what nature manifests around us in every moment.

I recently started a Patreon page so if you would like to support my work please consider joining. Patreon is basically an exclusive social media membership site which my fans can help contribute to my work for only $1 a month..

I observe life and in vain attempt to express through writing and painting the indescribable nature of life. When I see the symphony of beauty and horror unfolding through life I desperately try to catch a whisper of what I felt or have seen onto the page. I am always disappointed because what is real is far beyond my ability to describe it. Just as a painting is pale in comparison to the landscape it inspires. Despite the impossible nature of the task I feel compelled to try my best to capture those moments of realization of that intangible force beyond the surface of things. As to the question who am I? I don’t know, but I’m having fun finding out.

Live well, create often,