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Welcome to the gallery and portfollio presenting the art and writings of Brenda Fraser

I am inspired by nature and sacred geometry, spiritual musings and scriptures of various cultures. Inspiring the awakening movement through art is my lifes work. The conscious understanding and unlimited potential for humanity to transcend illusion and embrace what is true is what I strive for. I hope you enjoy my work.

Learn to love the self

Learn to love the self is how you learn to love anyone or anything at all. We all know that in order to love others you must first love yourself, but why? There is no separation, that is why. You and life (others) are interconnected. Some take loving themselves as...
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Transcendence towards a healthy attitude

Attitude is the true expression of the will, making ourselves known to the world. Self transcendence is how change our attitude.When we are unhappy then there really is no way to hide it. We might paint on a smile and be as polite as possible but our attitude can't...
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Giving love & Loving Life

    The greatest challenge we face is accepting ourselves for who we are. We always image something better down the road, or a mountain to climb before we will allow ourselves to be happy.There is absolutely nothing that needs to be done in order for us to be...
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The spiral of life

Acrylic painting

Vibrant spiritual unfolding through sacred geometry. The blue eyes reminiscent of peacock feathers share the same colour as the background expressing transcendence. That which is within is as that which is without.

Emerging droplet

Acrylic painting

The yin/yang symbol forms a droplet with emulating rings depicting conssciousness. The inspiration comes from the line the ocean becomes the drop and the drop returns to the ocean. indicating as above, so below.

The flower of life

Acrylic painting

The full spectrum of life depicted by the rainbow background presenting the flower of life surrounded by a textured space like setting.

Freeing the caged bird

Acrylic painting

The bluejay represents the spirit the golden cage the mind/body and the open door allows freedom to explore the spiritual realms surrounding us.

Sacred Geometry

Acrylic Painting

A power symbol representing male female polarity through sacred geometry.

Mandala of consciousness

Acrylic painting

The art cover for Creative Power. Representing conscious awakening through transformation.

Flower in the night

Acrylic painting

A white flower against a starry background arising from the murky depths. Bringing light to the darkness.

Relationship of One

Acrylic painting

The cover art for the book Relationship of One. The sun is setting and the moon is rising both reflecting on the ocean. Indicating the spiritual journey of reflection through the conscious/unconscious.